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High Voltage – HTFSE Sauce – God’s Green Crack – Hybrid

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High Voltage Extracts is a BC based brand who has perfected the extraction process in live resin and sauce concentrates. They only use high quality cannabis for all of their extractions and the outcome of their products are magnificent. The method used captures all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from their premium strains which creates the best tasting smoke and effects for all consumers. There highly refined sauce concentrates brings out the best quality for all connoisseurs unmatched by others. Winning the Karma cup and featured in HT magazine numerous times proves they are the leading brand. Produce live resin using the flash freeze fresh flowers which keeps its natural cannabis derived terpenes. Quality from competitors are rarely matched, so expect a exquisite product from their company as they set the golden standard for what the perfectly dabbable concentrates should be like.

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Buy High Voltage – HTFSE Sauce – God’s Green Crack at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

High Voltage – HTFSE Sauce – God’s Green Crack is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (55% indica/45% Sativa) created through crossing the God’s Gift X Green Crack strains. This powerhouse packs a heavy high that’s perfect for days where you want a little energy to get moving but still want to relax.

At first, the strain may exert twitchy effects in the head like a throbbing in the temples. These tics subside soon and are followed up by a intensity of the smoker’s thought processes. Certain concepts may seem more fascinating than they otherwise would. For properly focused and motivated users, these buzzy properties can encourage productivity on work, whether your to-do list includes demanding, analytical tasks or mundane chores. God’s Green Crack can also stoke the fires of creativity, making it useful to those working on open ended personal projects.

What is Sauce?

Sauce is a form of concentrate that you can smoke or vape. It has a sticky, liquid consistency. Capturing the full essence and aroma of living cannabis is the primary goal. Known for its texture, Sauce is one kind of cannabis concentrate with high levels of THC. This differentiates it from other concentrates made from dried and cured cannabis plants.

The process to make sauce starts with freshly harvested cannabis plants. Then, plants are frozen to subcritical temperatures. After harvesting, frozen plants are put through a solvent extraction process, using butane, propane, or another solvent.  Eventually, this locks in all of those juices that give your cannabis plant its smell and flavor profiles.

Lastly, the color of sauce can range from light yellow to white. Sauce tends to be potent with a lot of THC. Consumers love it!

How is it Used?

First, when trying out sauce for the first time, our advice is to start with a low dose and go slow. The best way to consume sauce is by dabbing or vaping it. You can also put some in your joints or throw some in a bowl. You should use a dab tool or something else to help collect the concentrate. Take your dabs at a low temperature and pull slowly to fully enjoy the spectrum of flavors.

Finally, you’ll definitely want to keep it cool. This is a substance that will become liquid-y at higher temperatures. As a result, it’s worth getting a silicon container because it tends to adhere to other substances.

Learn more about Sauce here!

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2 reviews for High Voltage – HTFSE Sauce – God’s Green Crack – Hybrid

  1. snakeaiden

    my son aiden does this in his bong
    lol i smear it onto a rollie paper eh 🙂 lol

  2. tylercarpenter62 (verified owner)

    5 stars for me! High voltage always killin it with their live resins. Very citrusy flavor on this stain if I remember correctly.

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