Weed Online in Kelowna: Types of weed and chemicals found in marijuana

However, it is always recommended to buy weed from an authorized store, if you are buying weed online in Kelowna. Most of the developed countries across the globe have legalized marijuana both for recreational and medicinal purposes. Unlike cigarettes, which were proved harmful because of the presence of tobacco, marijuana has no harmful effects on the body of the consumer. Because of the proven benefits of marijuana, it is considered as an alternative to medicines. Research has suggested that the presence of cannabidiol in weed makes it effective and if taken in moderate amounts may eliminate various diseases. Weed in Kelowna is available both offline and online. In this article, you will get to know an overview of marijuana and also about different types of marijuana.

Introduction about marijuana

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is available through a plant called sativa indica. Marijuana is known by various names in different parts of the world and some include weed, hash, and Kush. Various types of marijuana are consumed all over the world. Most of the individuals consume weed for recreational and medicinal benefits. The chemical composition of the weed includes tetra hydro cannabidol that gives one a feeling of getting high and therefore many are attracted to its chemical effect. Research has shown that the presence of other chemical compounds can fight with deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, to name a few.  Moreover, marijuana is also consumed for spiritual purposes because of the sacred status associated with it.

Types of marijuana

There are various varieties of marijuana and are consumed according to the objective one wants to get fulfilled. There are three categories of marijuana namely Sativa, indica and hybrid. You will get to know about each type of marijuana in depth.

Types of weed online in Kelowna


It is believed that this type of marijuana was originated in the Kush region of Afghanistan. Therefore sometimes the marijuana is also referred to as Kush. This type of weed has a very strong effect and has got thick leaves because of the geographical conditions of the place where it grows. It is said that in the cold regions the thicker is the leaves of the weed, the stronger the aroma it adds to the weed. There are different names given to the flavors, India produces. Some of the local names of India include purple haze and northern lights. The indica type of marijuana gives a more relaxing effect and boosts concentration. This type of weed has broader leaves having a dark green color.


The sativa has a much more energizing effect than the indica and it is recommended to use this type of weed in the afternoon or in the morning. It combats many major diseases like feeling tired easily after some strenuous activity and also helps in eliminating the effects of marijuana. The morphology of this plant is somewhat different than its counterparts in a way that the height is around 20 feet. In addition, it is narrow because of the loose branches. By consuming sativa you will feel relaxed and will feel euphoric. The color of the sativa is light green and comes with the leaves having skinnier leaves. Most of the consumers of sativa take the weed in the day as it gives the best effect in the afternoon. The flavors of sativa include lemon haze and sour diesel. It helps individuals in treating mood disorders.


A hybrid type of weed is most advanced and has been introduced in parts of the world recently. It is made by mixing the different flavors of weed from different parts of the world. The seeds of different weeds are mixed with the process of cross germination. With the help of mixing you will be able to experience the best of both the world. The blend of various weed creates a stronger effect on the consumer body and helps in eliminating the stress and any disorder prevailing in the body.

Types of chemicals found inside weed

There are various types of chemical compounds that are found inside the marijuana that creates stimulating effects in the body of the consumers. You will get to know about different types of chemicals, each having their own positive effects and uniqueness.

Tetra hydro cannabidol

It is present inside the weed in abundance and it is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the plants. If marijuana is consumed in moderate amounts than the presence of THC can enhance your mood and make you feel energetic and active without making you slow.


It is the second most abundant chemical compound that is present in the marijuana and this is the only chemical that has a significant medical effect on the consumer. The side effects of this chemical are very mild and by consuming it. The effects of the THC might get reduced. It treats the majority of the disease without having any side effects.


This chemical compound has been researched in a limited manner. However, studies have shown that it plays an important role in providing the weed a sedative effect. The combination of this chemical compound with the CBD and THC helps in alleviating any pain happening in the body due to injury.


These are types of volatile compounds that provide, marijuana an aromatic flavor and fragrance. Different types of flavor can be added to marijuana with the help of this compound. Spicy, sweet and crispy kind of flavors is obtained with the presence of terpenes in the weed.


It is basically a type of terpene that gives consumers of weed an energetic effect and considered an anti-inflammatory. Moreover, the presence of the mycene is also helpful in giving the weed an analgesics treatment. Mycene are used by patients as an alternative to the painkillers that are used for subsidizing pain. There are no harmful effects of mycene on the body and gives a feeling of relaxation when clubbed with weed.


Finally it can be said that it is a good destination for buying weed online in Kelowna if you are aware of the different types of weed that are available in the market.