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  1. Great price and great buzz!

  2. Great weed at an amazing price. Cant go wrong with this one

  3. Great pot at a great price!

  4. Great decent green at a good price! Cant go wrong

  5. Still buzzing from Previous Review 😉. There is Actually 7 pieces per package, NOT 5 as I said in previous review. 25 mg is a good place to start, work up slowly 🐌 . Great taste, I get a REALLY NICE body buzz about 20-30 minutes after ingestion. Nice gentle ride up, even better on way down. I usually doze off after 5 or 6 hrs. Great for Hand Tremors (for Me anyway). Oddly, My Appetite is MUCH IMPROVED when I consume THESE edibles. Usually that ONLY happens with Flower. Still buying, still recommending 😉.