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  1. jamescain

    Good choice, Great taste and even better deal with price drop!

  2. Kyneee

    Good choice. Too bad strawberry is sold out but I am still happy with what I got. Thanks Ganja West!


    Best chocolate for aiding sleep! Mild weed taste but never over powering.

  4. justine.boisson333

    I love how they taste. Great quality for the price for sure I love this brand

  5. wonderbats

    10/10 I recommend this. Had the whole thing and it knocked me off my butt. Taste amazing and worked pretty fast – 45 mins – 1 hr. I actually had a full meal and decided to have this for dessert. Did not disappoint! Going to buy more 🙂

  6. Puff420420420

    Great bud for the price gets u high

  7. Julián Alejandro Maya

    More than happy with this order:)

  8. Julián Alejandro Maya

    Amazing package with some good strains

  9. Julián Alejandro Maya

    Amazing package with some good strains🤤 worth it

  10. Mary-Jane

    Just purchased these Blue Mexican Mushrooms and cannot wait to try them out!

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