How To Pay With USDT (10% Discount)

Step 1

Choose USDT

During checkout, please select the bitcoin payment option. The 10% discount will be calculated in the total.

Step 2

Follow Instructions On The Next Screen

You will be redirected to your member dashboard. There will be a link labeled "Go To Payment Info." Please click this link. 

Step 3

Choose Network - ERC20 OR TRC20

  • Please confirm that the network you choose to recharge is consistent with the withdrawal network, otherwise it may result in loss of assets
  • Please do not send non-USDT currency to this address or the amount will be lost

Step 4


Once you have paid, verification can take up to 30 minutes to 3 hours

Step 5


Once verification is complete, your order will be converted to processing and you will get an email.

Step 6


Once its shipped, you will get another email with your tracking number.