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Indica – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints

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Buy Indica – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints from Ganja West

Pre-rolled joints are is an affordable way to enjoy cannabis if you do not have time to roll one up yourself or you are lacking skills and are not sure how to properly roll one. Aside from being affordable, it is also expendable, can be used discreetly, and can be comfortably shared among friends. It does not need the use of bongs and you do not have to wait for the effects to kick in like an edible.

We only use 100% flower for our pre-rolls. NO TRIM EVER.

Each order comes with 28 pre-rolled.

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Buy Indica – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints from Ganja West

If you want to chill and hang out with your friends, why not try our sativa pre-rolled joints. They are affordable, can be used discreetly, and are made for one-time use only. This product can be enjoyed without the use of any smoking instrument like a bong or grinder. These can be easily shared with your friends. You also do not have to wait for effects to fully kick in like an edible. Even if you know how to roll a joint perfectly but do not have the time to do it, this is also perfect for you.

We only use 100% flower for our pre-rolls. NO TRIM EVER.

  • Each order contains 28 pre-rolled joints and is approximately 0.7 grams

We also carry Sativa Pre Rolled Joints and Hybrid Pre Rolled Joints!

What are the benefits of our Indica – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints?

Just like a cigarette but instead of tobacco, a pre-rolled joint is already filled with Cannabis which can be bought from any Online Dispensary in Canada. Our Pre-rolled blunts & joints allow clients to immediately enjoy cannabis at their convenience without having to roll it up themselves. All you have to do is enjoy our pre rolled joints. Another additional advantage includes the power to taste new strains and mixtures. Our pre-rolls make it easy for you to get different blends or mixtures for total satisfaction. additionally , pre-rolls are disposable, easy to use, and save precious time for long-term.

At Ganja West we are always giving back, a lot of these Caviar Joints is also a option in our free gift tiers. If you spend over $200 there is an option to select this as your free gift. As a consumer we are always open to suggestions on new flavors and strains to use in our pre-rolled joints.


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26 reviews for Indica – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints

  1. BusyBees

    Whoever thought of this is awesome, its like smoke and go.. u dont need about rollin up stuff. worth the hundred bucks and the reward points too.

  2. dolpy02

    Having these already rolled saved so much of my time, and worth every dollar too.

  3. snakeaiden

    🙂 this is so handy to have, save us alot of time eh
    Thank you Ganja West 🙂

  4. PeeJay

    Smoke as you go, saves time and money as it is already 28 pre rolled.

  5. obreytadok

    You might want to cut the filter a little bit for a better burn!

  6. BooBooBear

    They just made it so much easier for us and smoke, thanks to these pre rolled joints!

  7. Phillybuzz

    I definitely agree with the smoke and go right here.. Its worth the price and so neatly packed.

  8. fmikeyee

    Whoever thought of this is a genius! no more wasted time trying to roll them up nicely.

  9. ajoshdevera1

    Very neat, Pack is great too so i could take it everywhere without crumbling it.

  10. Nimbuzz

    Great for sharing at parties! My friends and I chipped in and got one during an overnight pool party and it rocked!

  11. JoeYoungwalker

    Nothing to say but Wrap and rolled! LOL

  12. NeilArmor

    Great to stock up on these in case of moments when u just have to go grab a smoke instantly.

  13. Shaggy

    Best indica pack ever! Coming in pre rolled packs are such a great idea!

  14. WeedMan

    Pre rolled and ready to get lit up! Its a grab and go!

  15. CannaryB

    Indica hasnt really been my thing.. but since I got this last december I’ve been looking where to get some and ganjawest made it so easy for me.

  16. LuckyCharmzzz

    Comes in handy when you just wanna smoke on the go, like a pack of cigs!

  17. Vee6Ke0z

    I just got lazier than ever because of this. But I don’t care anyway as long as I’m happy lol!

  18. Spen1790 (verified owner)

    Nice when you’re feeling lazy and don’t have to roll yourself. Would recommend

  19. Rob88 (verified owner)

    Tried the pre rolled indica 28 joints for 99$ Nicely rolled 7g joints. I was dissapointed with the taste and look when i grinded it up. Very dark green dry weed and it burnt like it looked. The 60$ oz had much better quality. Other than that been satisfied with my last orders.

  20. Ribs321 (verified owner)

    I like these joints, I like how they are packed for shipping. .88g a j according to my scale. They smoke nice and even, they’re not over packed or over ground and you can actually smoke them. The fact you can pick between sativa, indica and hybrid is huge. I will be buying these again. Thanks GW.

  21. jdesjardins (verified owner)

    Best pre-rolled by far! Super handy

  22. Jonathan Laroche (verified owner)

    Very nice, dont have to roll before sesh…. Just put distillate around it and pour some kief on all and enjoy?

  23. John Bennett

    They do the job

  24. Brando905

    The 28 pre rolls are average quality and a bit expensive compared to unrolled OZs but decent if you dont want to roll

  25. John Bennett

    Good stuff

  26. Wise

    Great smoke

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