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Wholesale – Premium Quality Shake

52 reviews Cannabis

Our goal is to produce the best quality medicine for our patients at a low cost. This product may not be an AAA/AAAA medicine to everyone but its affordability will ensure that all Canadian can access affordable medicine regardless of their financial status.

For our first-time buyers, we suggest that you buy an ounce tester first before deciding to get a bulk purchase.

**All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds. Please Purchase at your own discretion.

Purchase this item and get 99-219 Points - a worth of $4.95-$10.95
Purchase this item and get 99-219 Points - a worth of $4.95-$10.95
1/4 Lb (Quarter Pound)
1/2 Lb (Half Pound)
1 Lb (One Pound)


Buy Wholesale Premium Quality Shake at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

Wholesale – Premium Quality Shake  is great type of cannabis and fairly cheap weed to roll your joints or to bake cannabis edibles (cannabutter maybe)? Weed shake (or trim) is what you need! Proper weed shake is the cannabis “leftovers”, it usually contains a blend of AA to AAAA grade flowers and is great for smoking, baking or as topper. Whether you smoke it, vape it or convert it into oil, it’s the multi purpose and versatile weed you need if you consider buying cannabis online.

Why Shake?

The smaller pieces of cannabis flower that were once part of larger buds. Shake usually falls off buds when handling them or when they get jostled around in packaging.  Grind It Up and Add It to a Joint.  Put it in your Vaporizer. A few bits of ground remnants should serve you for a couple of bowls, which is great when your wallet is as empty as a bird’s nest in December.  Keep in mind that the shake from the bottom of your bag is often just as potent as the nugs it came with, even though it may be a bit too messy to smoke or vape sometimes. That being said, it’s perfect for making weed edibles for example.

You can infuse it into oil or butter and cook it with pretty much anything.  However, remember to decarboxylate your shake first – by that I mean heat it up before you infuse it into anything. Otherwise, it won’t release THC into the oil/butter, and all your effort will go down the drain. A light sauté in oil for about ten minutes before cooking it into an edible should do the trick.

As the mix is always changing the taste and quality can differ slightly from each batch.

May Contain: Stems, trim, small nugs, and seeds or be a bit dry.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Amount of Shake

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52 reviews for Wholesale – Premium Quality Shake

  1. snakeaiden

    i have seen alot of other sites asking way more for shake then ganja west does
    we love ordering from these guy`s
    🙂 keep up the great work ganja west

  2. Dolly Mondragon

    Thumbs up for you guys. Your premium quality weeds labelled right! :0D Sure buy!

  3. pablo_749 (verified owner)

    this is a bomb product! the bag is so crystally, and the amount of little stems is very little. i bought a half-pound to stock up for a possible problem in getting weed during the virus. there wasn’t much of a problem. I got mine in Ontario, in less than 2 days. couldn’t believe my tracking. so thumbs up to Canada post and Ganjawest. supposedly pot helps fight the virus, so keep smoking!


    Superb!! Just what I expected from a 4A.

  5. Jenny29

    Waiting for this baby; such a quality shake; better to do while at home

  6. Miranda

    I’m happy I got this great deal!

  7. Bianca J.

    warning: be careful heavy hitter for the inexperienced!

  8. Jackie

    such a great deal!!

  9. Rusto (verified owner)

    Unreal for the price!! Bags always have tons of crystal and you can easily smoke it. So worth it. Great as always Ganjawest 🙂

  10. Steamer (verified owner)

    Not really sure what people are talking about when it comes to quality of this product. Crystals at the bottom of the bag? Don’t see any in mine, “heavy hitter” don’t see that either. As far as small buds nothing bigger than a pea sized nug and very few in the product. My bag was so wet I’ve had the bag open since I got it drying it out. I bet I’ll lose 100 grams to moisture easy. The price was great but for what I got I’d rather pay an extra $50-$100 and get dry stuff with better quality. I will concede that my package was not labeled and maybe they sent me their lower grade shake by mistake but no way for me to know by looking at the package. Also they did do a great job with costumer service and I got this package 3 days after I ordered in Alberta. If the quality was their this would be my favourite mom by far. Great guys just extremely disappointed with the product.

  11. Steamer (verified owner)

    This is a great product for infusions and edibles and well worth the price. Plenty of terps and smells left in the bag and I really enjoyed this product.

  12. Red (verified owner)

    Wow! Literally roll it right out of the bag, lots of crystal and less stem than even great bud. As long as you’re not looking for particular strain this is the best deal I’ve found. Good and stinky too.

  13. Chuck Beyer (verified owner)

    Could not have been more pleased. Pleasant to smoke. Interesting terps, professionally packaged and great weed to have around. Worth full price but even better on sale. Great deal.

  14. Wheat (verified owner)

    Very good

  15. Mal204 (verified owner)

    Great for Blunts, Bong hits and making oil ???? For the Price you CANNOT go wrong. I think this is the site to get your awesome THC goodies. Great job guys, Stay High ??

  16. AfghanKush (verified owner)

    I am currently smoking from the small nugs it has and boy the smoke is smooth. Best deals I have ever had on my shake. Thank you Ganjawest

  17. DeMarre

    This strain is one of my new absolute favorites! I love piney & citrusy so this is right up my alley. Instantly felt relaxed & calmer as well as incredibly content.

  18. David Mallette (verified owner)

    Excellente herbe pour faire de l’extraction!
    Contient suffisamment de petites cocottes de différentes couleurs! L’odeur est telle que je ne peut m’empêcher de plonger le nez dans le sac et sentir un bon coup!

  19. friedchicken (verified owner)

    It was perfect on special ($230). 100% sure i’m gonna buy more if its back on sale.

  20. bobgraton (verified owner)

    My 2 order and real happy happy

  21. Iona_mae06

    How is this stuff I want some

  22. Lawanda Lake (verified owner)

    If anyone has ever doubted the shake, I suggest you reconsider! We bought Initially the first time, for edibles or Phoenix tears but, we just keep smoking it! Lol its been perfect for us and thericest cannot be be

  23. pharmstrong (verified owner)

    My first time ordering from this site
    It came in two half pound bags packaged perfectly
    Cooked up half a pound for oil which yielded about 20 grams of good oil

    I’ll be ordering from these guys again!!

  24. Christina (verified owner)

    Decent cant complain and price was worth it for sure 🙂

  25. Puff420420420 (verified owner)

    Decent can’t complain for the price was worth it for sure gonna get another one

  26. Nate83

    For the price, awesome deal and good to make edibles ?? would definitely recommend

  27. Pharmstrong (verified owner)

    This was my 6 or 7 pound of shake and have been happy
    Did not believe reviews about small buds and crystal until this last order arrived
    It was loaded with lots of small buds and yielded unreal
    This was a lb I purchased at Christmad and had not opened till today
    Very Very impressed with this one
    Now I want another!!!

  28. Brendan

    Absolutely nailed it perfect for baking and even bong rips topped with a little keif highly recommend for the budget smoker or the edible maker

  29. Leydenzar (verified owner)

    awesome price when making shatter, oil and kief and making a hash bomb out of all of it a buzz to wake up to and sleep to and a great blast all day long…

  30. Brandilee

    Great price for making pretty much anything you would use flower for! My ounce I bought had alot of tiny tiny steams and acouple pieces of white clumps, kinda looking like drywall! Im not sure what it was, but once I picked out the quality was great for the price!

  31. Kevin Mansfield (verified owner)

    Impressed! Tremendous batch! Lots of bitty buds also it’ has some moisture not tried tf out like others I’ve had this seems to be fresh shake. I dry sifted at 150 micron and get about two grams of kief per half oz

  32. kevin (verified owner)

    best shake ive ever ordered i think, full of crystals , nice few small buds in there,i got about 6.5 grams of 150 micron dry sift, which is good for shake

  33. Goddd

    I thought I’d try the “premium shake”. figured it would be worth trying, Was I ever wrong, no crystals, no buds, just a bag of shake that’s it. well this is going right into my edibles pile/ very disappointed

  34. Dylan Bone (verified owner)

    good price for the quality. beter quality than most other stoes.

  35. Kevin Peters (verified owner)

    This shake was surprisingly pleasant. Very few stems. Great value.

  36. John Bennett

    Very well worth it

  37. Jimbo

    Nicely done keep up the good work . I’m pleased with my yield and quality of oil after washing my shake in butane

  38. Ami (verified owner)

    Good quality shake. Not much stems, some small bud. Perfect for edible.

  39. John Bennett

    Nice price

  40. Charlotte (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this shake for quite a while now to make tincture for which I make edibles with, and I am always happy with the potency, etc. I haven’t had a bad bag of shake from GanjaWest, and would recommend this shake to anyone looking for an economical way to make good potent edibles. Shake is always nice and clean at GanjaWest…I gotten shake from other places that I will never buy again as it came with mud, sticks, etc. A1 product for $

  41. Bobs

    Good quality shake . Thanks GW

  42. John Bennett


  43. Jackson

    Great for making oil . My oil turned out a decent Color considering I used cash

  44. John Bennett

    Really good deal

  45. mitchell Stewart (verified owner)

    Great stuff very fair price

  46. Wise

    WoW Nice

  47. Wise

    Great for edibles

  48. Sebbscott (verified owner)

    I do hash and its 6/10 quality !

  49. Jf plourde (verified owner)

    Pour le prix pas pire mais se fume vite

  50. Jf plourde (verified owner)

    Pour le prix pas pire

  51. Jf plourde (verified owner)

    Très bien

  52. Maxime Fleury Bousquet (verified owner)

    Pretty old Shake , been vaccum for too long with too much humidity When been sealed. This mean no nice smell and not much trichomes . Probably trichomes break down in bottom of big bah and they pacted the top of it. Will not buy again.

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