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Sativa – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints

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Buy Sativa – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints from Ganja West

A pre-rolled joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up. Enter the pre-roll.

We only use 100% flower for our pre-rolls. NO TRIM EVER.

Each order comes with 28 pre-rolled.

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Buy Sativa – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints from Ganja West

If you want to chill and hang out with your friends, why not try our sativa pre-rolled joints. They are affordable, can be used discreetly, and are made for one-time use only. This product can be enjoyed without the use of any smoking instrument like a bong or grinder. These can be easily shared with your friends. You also do not have to wait for effects to fully kick in like an edible. Even if you know how to roll a joint perfectly but do not have the time to do it, this is also perfect for you.

We only use 100% flower for our pre-rolls. NO TRIM EVER.

  • Each order contains 28 pre-rolled joints and is approximately 0.7 grams

We also carry Indica Pre Rolled Joints and Hybrid Pre Rolled Joints!

What are the benefits of our Sativa – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints?

Just like a cigarette but instead of tobacco, a pre-rolled joint is already filled with Cannabis which can be bought from any Online Dispensary in Canada. Our Pre-rolled blunts & joints allow clients to immediately enjoy cannabis at their convenience without having to roll it up themselves. All you have to do is enjoy our pre rolled joints. Another additional advantage includes the power to taste new strains and mixtures. Our pre-rolls make it easy for you to get different blends or mixtures for total satisfaction. additionally , pre-rolls are disposable, easy to use, and save precious time for long-term.

At Ganja West we are always giving back, a lot of these Caviar Joints is also a option in our free gift tiers. If you spend over $200 there is an option to select this as your free gift. As a consumer we are always open to suggestions on new flavors and strains to use in our pre-rolled joints.


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15 reviews for Sativa – 28 Pre-Rolled Joints

  1. snakeaiden

    killer deal for 28 per rolled’s eh

  2. LowBaller

    Im a sativa lover and having found these was such a blessing, not only does it save me time, but also my hard earned bucks!

  3. decireeaguerre

    These stuff really come in handy especially when youre in a hurry! Thanks ganjawest!

  4. maximelajeunesse

    Would be perfect for party surprise or gift for less regular user

  5. Green123

    Gave it to a friend. He said it is fair and handy. thanks Ganja West

  6. Mark King

    I love my pre-rolled joints!

  7. Bear

    I’m lazy and I like my pre-rolled.

  8. Becky

    It’s like it was designed for lazy people like me. ?

  9. Derpius (verified owner)

    Would give it a 2.5/5. Was not as expected. They were hard to smoke, more like a cheap blend hybrid than a Sativa, many of the prerolls were punctured and damaged. Used my points to purchase and even though it was ‘Free’ would not order this again.

  10. Spen1790 (verified owner)

    Nice day time smoke. Smooth. Not having to roll is a bonus

  11. Johnson

    These lasted me a long too me and saved me so much time as well

  12. Brando905

    The sativa pre rolls were not very potent for me but a nice gift

  13. John Bennett

    Good deal

  14. Smokey-stone

    I know how to roll but I really like the convenience for those days on the fly . I found these to be very handy

  15. Wise

    Pretty good

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