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Shatter – Jack Herer – Sativa

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Texture: glass, will snap when you bend.

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Buy Shatter – Jack Herer at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

Shatter – Jack Herer is a strain named after a cannabis activist whose book The Emperor Wears No Clothes continues to be an influential resource in the fight for cannabis decriminalization and legalization. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, it is a tasty and popular strain. Jack Herer has passed its genetics and part of its name on to crossbred strains like Jack the Ripper, and Jack Skellington.

Jack Herer’s high makes it a great strain for cannabis newcomers. It’s uniquely social in its ability to facilitate conversation while allowing users to maintain a semblance of awareness. The rich, floral scent is bound to attract attention — which may be a conversation starter. Jack Herer is also a solid option for solo use, as it allows for creative thinking and a sense of euphoria.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a concentrate that is named for its glass-like consistency that shatters, when broken apart. It is typically gold or amber in color. Although shatter is popularly believed to be more pure than other extracts, this is not always true.

Shatter has a reputation for being potent, though it can range in potency depending on the chemical composition of the source plant. While cannabis flower may sit around 30% THC, shatter may test upward of 80% to 90% THC.

How to Use Shatter

Shatter is vaporized or “dabbed” by consumers from a pen or special water pipe called a dab rig. Marijuana extracts like shatter are an efficient, smoke-free way to consume cannabis.

To use shatter in a vape pen, you’ll want to be sure that it is designed to be used with marijuana extracts like shatter. These vapes have an atomizer that will rapidly heat, bringing your shatter to its vaporization point.

To vape shatter, you’ll add your shatter to your vape’s heating chamber. As the atomizer heats your shatter, it will quickly melt and turn to vapor, which you will then inhale.

Dabbing is the more traditional way to use marijuana shatter. When dabbing, pieces of shatter are applied or “dabbed” onto a hot surface. The shatter will rapidly vaporize upon contact with the hot surface. As you dab your shatter onto the hot surface, you will inhale the vapor.

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3 reviews for Shatter – Jack Herer – Sativa

  1. snakeaiden (verified owner)

    I tried this after the mail lady dropped it off this morning
    was a very killer daytime buzz, would buy this again for the daytime 🙂

  2. Dan Pomfret (verified owner)

    Great buzz, super energetic high, got lots done

  3. Dan Pomfret (verified owner)

    Great buzz, super energetic high, got lots done

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