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CBD2Heal – Pets CBD Tincture – 30ml (500MG)


Buy CBD2Heal – Pets CBD Tincture – 30ml from Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

The brand you can trust for CBD oil for dogs in Canada! We use 99% pure CBD isolate to help provide relief for anxiety, pain and more! CBD oil can be used on dog treats as a way of consuming it easily.

All of our Pets products are lab tested in a controlled environment and follow all Standard Operating Procedures as if we were treating humans. Our quality is superior, our taste is excellent and our CBD products heals like no other.

Please consult a veterinarian prior to treating your pets with CBD.

Please Note: 500mg is for medium-sized pets or pets with severe health conditions

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Buy CBD2Heal – Pets CBD Tincture – 30ml from Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

CBD2Heal – Pets CBD Tincture – 30ml is CO2 extracted with organic ingredients, free of GMO. This tincture will improve your pet’s health and overall well being as it is made with a mix of CBD. Our oil tinctures help with chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  Get your very own tincture, and it will help with many health problems. Enjoy your life pleasures with our tinctures, and do what you want without the constant reminder of pain and suffering.

General FAQ

What is “CBD”?
There are more than 100 different cannabinoid compounds found in medicinal hemp. CBD or “Cannabinoid” is just one of them.

What size dosage of CBD should someone take?
Truly, there is no scientific answer for this as of yet.  The many reported benefits of CBD has yet to provide a definitive guideline other than “experiment with what works best for you and your situation”.

When should I use this?
We recommend using tinctures once in the morning and once at night and splitting your dosage in half accordingly. So if you were taking 1 mL per day, we recommend taking 0.5 mL in the morning and 0.5 mL at night. Additionally, you may take it on an as-needed basis whenever you require relief.

Will I get high?
No, CBD is a non-psychoactive, therefore you will not get high.

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