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Sour Diesel AAAA

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Sour Diesel, also known as┬á“Sour D” and “Sour Deez,”┬áis a popular┬ásativa marijuana strain┬ámade by crossing┬áChemdawg┬áand┬áSuper Skunk. Sour Diesel effects are dreamy, cerebral, fast-acting and┬áenergizing. This strain features a┬ápungent flavor profile┬áthat smells like┬ádiesel. Medical marijuana patients choose Sour Diesel to help relieve symptoms associated with┬ádepression,┬ápain, and┬ástress.

Bud Size:  Medium
Strain Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid 90% Sativa / 10% Indica
Texture: Semi Dense
Flavors:  Candy | Citrus | Dank | Diesel | Skunky| Sweet
Medical Usage: Anxiety | Bipolar Disorder | Chronic Pain | Depression | Fatigue | Headaches | Loss of Appetite | Migraines | Nausea | PTSD | Stress
THC Content: 26% Highest


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Buy Sour Diesel AAAA from Ganja West Online Dispensary

Sour Diesel AAAA is the dominant Sativa hybrid strain with a 90:10 Sativa/Indica ratio and otherwise called “Sour D” or “Sour Deez.” For years, several people have doubted the origins of Sour Diesel, but no one knows for sure where it comes from. Some suggest it’s a cross between a mass super skunk and 91 Chemdog, although some assert it is a cross between the Mexican Sativa and a Chemdog phenotype. This strain has one of the strongest aromas of any strain, reminiscent of Diesel Gas with a touch of citrus. A smooth toke with a small lemon background can be expected. Sour diesel showcases a thick, green nug covered in orange fur.┬á In any case, you will certainly anticipate a high unlike any other.

Medical Benefits of Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

When smoking sour diesel, you won’t experience couch lock or a “heavy feeling.”┬á Instead, you should anticipate an energizing cerebral high that can unlock doors to imagination.┬á This strain is usually used for anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue in medical patients. While Sour Diesel contains some Indica, the relaxing and lively head high that it produces makes it unsuitable for insomnia and other related ailments. Many individuals find the effervescent strain to be extremely pleasurable, which causes them to start their day with an influx of energy and increase their focus in general. This level of potency is enough to give you a good buzz every day hence the name.

Reviews from Ganja West Members & the Web

A great all-around strain. Good smell, nice big buds. Breaks up nice, smokes excellent. I could smoke a big fat cone of this. Decent taste and exhale, give a hint of the quality. Top notch buzz, makes this an all day type of weed. The kind of joint you can toke at a party and not lose your vibe. There are better, and there are worse. But, this is the bud others are compared to. As such, this strain is practically a household name where I’m from.┬á -SHANMAN23

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