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RAW – Pre Rolled Slim Tips


Buy RAW – Pre Rolled Slim Tips at Ganjawest Online Dispensary Shop

To go with the finest rolling papers we have ever made, RAW – Pre Rolled Slim Tips are meticulously made using the old ways that master craftspeople have passed down for generations. RAW – Pre Rolled Slim Tips smoothly to give you an exceptional smoke. They’re strong enough to hold up to your next sesh.

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Buy RAW – Pre Rolled Slim Tips at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

RAW – Pre Rolled Slim Tips were created to get the burning ember further away from our faces. The thing with tips is that everyone rolls differently and has different preferences. These tips are made from our soft fiber paper and pressed for easy smooth rolling. They’re really RAWesome!

What are rolling tips use for?

Raw Wide filter tips are a great way to help keep tobacco from getting into your mouth and to help prevent burning your fingers or lips. These cigarette tips are used on a rolled up cigarette where a filter normally would be. You simply take one piece and roll it up into a spiral and then place it in your rolling paper.

RAW Wide Filter Tips Features:

  • Natural unrefined soft tips
  • Perforated Filters
  • 21 Tips per Pack


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