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Notorious – THC Blue Foot Gummies – 25mg (175MG)

65 reviews Candies & Gummies

Buy Notorious – THC Blue Foot Gummies – 25mg at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

If you love gummy candy blue foot, you have to try these sour blue raspberry blue foots! This candy has the blue raspberry flavor everyone loves with a sour twist.

  • 7 cannabis-infused gummies
  • Each bag contains 175mg of THC
  • Made with organic ingredients

Available only in Canada.

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Buy Notorious – THC Blue Foot Gummies – 25mg at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

Notorious – THC Blue Foot Gummies – 25mg is recommend for THC users looking to get the benefits of THC and prefer using an ingestible for an accurate THC dosage. The cannabinoids in THC Gummies bind to receptors in the body, which may help reduce stress by giving the user a deep, relaxing experience. These edibles may have other possible health benefits, like promoting better sleep.

These juicy delights will leave your mouth watering and your mind and body relaxed. The end result is the perfect THC edible. Every THC Gummy uses natural and refined isolate, so there is absolutely no hemp aftertaste in our THC Gummies. This method of extraction produces the top THC Gummies and full-spectrum THC Gummies on the market.

Before you purchase any THC item, always make sure to review the lab reports for third-party testing to confirm the overall quality and safety of any THC product for sale.

Medical Benefits: Consumers of THC may experience one or more of the following beneficial effects anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours after consumption. These effects may last up to 8 hours:

  • Enhanced mood
  • Decreased social reticence
  • Pain relief
  • Increased appetite
  • Relaxation
  • Sleepiness
  • Creative thought

Read more about THC here!

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65 reviews for Notorious – THC Blue Foot Gummies – 25mg (175MG)

  1. reymundovaldes98

    Love the sweet raspberry flav edibles have never been so good as they are here in ganjawes will def reorder soon 😀

  2. itsdariusmate

    got these for my friend and he liked it very much! Good variety of gummies you got here

  3. hecarim420love

    I thought I wouldn’t like these as I normally don’t like blue foot but they surprisingly made a good flavor for this one

  4. doobiemavs

    Very mild sweetness and great raspberry flavor, perfect for mild headaches too!

  5. LUNOXismine

    Other shops have this for $18 but I still prefer this brand over the other… Please put this back on stock

  6. WeeedEmGal

    I dont really like gummies cause i find them too sweet but this one really caught me love the sweet kick!

  7. deevee21

    So surprised that they have bluefoot on here lol its going to be a regular buy for me now

  8. JHINshootsitstraight

    My friend a pack of THC gummies to me as a birthday present and it was this brand. I’ve been looking for it… Glad they carry this on GW

  9. RealMcCoy

    I dont really like sweets til i tried it with thc now bluefoots are my fave because of the kick!

  10. banjotabirao

    Love the blueberry flavor on this and it isnt too sweet like other edibles ive tried.

  11. gbcncpcn

    These blue foot are the best! Couldve made it stronger tho!

  12. junjungabrea

    blueberries! i didnt think theyd make these with thc and im so glad they did!

  13. mcmccrdn

    These blueberry bluefeet are my fave edibles ever! mild kick but definitely great for reducing pains and stress.

  14. aldrianba19

    Yumyum these are my favorite cure for nausea during long tiring trips with its mild thc content, thats super effective.

  15. mrlucianyang

    Nice blue raspberry taste. If you’re new to edibles you might wanna start with gummies instead of spacecakes so you don’t freak out lol

  16. carolinaobbrey64

    I definitely agree, newbies should try edibles and gummies first so they dont get hit too high and figure out the right dose for them, these bluefeet are great.

  17. ds7462997

    My fave of all the gummies ive ever tried, the mild thc content helps a lot with my anxiety disorders.

  18. Iverndabsit420

    I’ve tried Herbivores blue foot candy but I prefer this brand now.. it just tastes better for the same price! Sometimes theirs even sell for $22 a pack so this is a good deal.

  19. dmelitante9

    There are my fave gummies, with real thc content. some others theyre just plain candies, but this one gives u a real buzz.

  20. jovelbalerta983

    I get these sometimes when i prefer to just lay back down, no smoke whatsover. theyre my fave.

  21. bcalasio

    I love the blueberry flavor and after taste that is left in my mouth. mild high only.

  22. vannydollente

    Blue feet for those who are feeling bluer than blue, the thc content is just right to lighten up your mood.

  23. agulritchard

    Yum blue feet, i stocked up on these last december and my gf took 2 bags home she loved it.

  24. dolpy02

    These are my favorite edibles from this product line. sad they havent stocked up in almost a month.

  25. Shishkabobz

    These are my favorite edibles. love the blueberry taste and the thc content is just right.

  26. PeeJay

    Ooooh yummm my favorite edible ever! Sad its out of stock.

  27. JoeYoungwalker

    Great blueberry flavor thats not too sweet and real thc content unlike other edibles ive tried.

  28. WeedMan

    My fave! I didnt know they had these with cbd Im so excited!

  29. BlackNYellow

    Oh yummm blueberry bluefoot! I cant wait to finally get my order! been more than a month that they went out of stock!

  30. Miranda

    Such a fun shape!! this is my 3rd order!

  31. Sheer Silva

    cute shape! great sour taste

  32. Mb (verified owner)

    Bon produit

  33. Mavie

    the sweetness is just fine but doesnt work that much on me

  34. brandon

    this product is just genius 🙂 i love this! def buying this again.

  35. Marie

    one of my favorites! So yummy with the best effects

  36. jarrberton (verified owner)

    These are amazing… excellent price and tasty will definitely buy again

  37. Kyn

    Great blueberry flavor thats not too sweet and real thc content unlike other edibles ive tried.

  38. jamescain

    I dont really like gummies cause i find them too sweet but this one really caught me love the sweet kick!

  39. Kyneee

    Very good. Great blueberry flavor thats not too sweet and real thc content unlike other edibles ive tried.

  40. Don

    Sooo good.

  41. JJ (verified owner)

    Great taste, great price!

  42. JJ (verified owner)

    Tasted great, wanted to eat the whole bag lol

  43. Gabriel Perez (verified owner)

    really tasty i love ordering those with my weed i suggest to try one

  44. JayGowers1 (verified owner)

    Getting solid reviews back, these hit perfect and taste great!

  45. slava

    love it!!! so yummy and nice high

  46. John Bennett

    Oh ya these are great

  47. John Bennett

    I just got more the other day their even better now

  48. 6DARK6FORCE6 (verified owner)

    Very tasty gummies

  49. capsuko19 (verified owner)

    Love it, very good buzz I ate the whole bag, taste is awesome

  50. SweetLove (verified owner)

    Des tres bon jujubes

  51. Smookstar (verified owner)

    Pour vrai ils sont trop bon et je les recommandes pour tout genre de consommateur

  52. Purplebuzzz (verified owner)

    Les meilleurs a mes yeux goûtez c es adopter

  53. Purplebuzzz (verified owner)

    Doux tendre et juteux miammmm

  54. Carlitos (verified owner)

    Carlitos libre that s

  55. Roger (verified owner)

    Je les recomandes fortement parce que ils sont délicieux et un subtil gout de chanvre enroule le tous avec un effet très agréable

  56. Roger (verified owner)

    Pourquoi ne pas dire la vérité des le début….. asseiller c es tous simplement l adopté !!!

  57. Bud master (verified owner)

    Les pieds bleu sont un delice mes préféré

  58. Adam Iwama (verified owner)

    Good value and one of the few places to find decently strong gummies still.

  59. Cedricchoquet (verified owner)


  60. Padingtong (verified owner)

    J adore trop ces bonbons je vous les recommandes

  61. Jackson (verified owner)

    Les bonbons notorius sont et va rester les meilleurs a mon avis 10/10

  62. Sandra (verified owner)

    very good taste and high buzz i like it

  63. Bumbelbee (verified owner)

    Pretty good édible very good taste and high

  64. Dan morrison (verified owner)

    I love the foods gummies

  65. William (verified owner)

    Tjr très bon les bonbons notorius

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