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Honey Badger AAAA

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Honey Badger Haze, also known as “Honey Badger,” is an energizing sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. The sweet peach and pungent limey spice of Honey Badger Haze brings to mind the natural cure-alls that herbalists prescribe for inflammation and mental boosts. This strain brings those benefits to bear on cannabis users with medicinal effects that go beyond the normal rest and relaxation of the average bud. The super rare Honey Badger Haze, bred from a mystifyingly sexy combo between C99, White Widow, and Ms. Universe #10, helps people find their creativity, their center, and their health.

Bud Size: Medium
Strain Type: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Fruity | Lime | Spicy | Sweet
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Inflammation | Muscle Spasms | Spinal Cord Injury
THC Content: 22% Highest

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Buy Honey Badger AAAA at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

Honey Badger AAAA is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created crossing (C99 X White Widow) X Ms. Universe #10. Honey Badger Haze has a sweet and spicy fruity peach flavor with a touch of lime and honey. The aroma is very earthy and spicy with a fruity lime overtone that’s accented by citrus and pungent sugar as the nugs are burned.  This bud has insanely frosty and heavy olive green spade-shaped nugs with lots of long and twisty dark orange hairs.   Honey Badger Haze can burrow its way into your brain and help you rediscover your body’s natural painless state.

Medical Benefits of Honey Badger Marijuana

Typical Effects: Happy, Motivation, Relaxing, Uplifting

The Honey Badger Haze high comes on soon after your first tasty exhale with its high 20% average THC levels.  Lift your spirits and pulling your mind upwards into a state of happy motivation. You’ll feel an increase in focus and a touch of energy that temporarily lends itself well to mental activities. However, a numbing body high will soon creep over you.   You’ll feel imaginative, creative, and focused, even though you’ll be immovable.  These effects give Honey Badger Haze an edge in treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, spinal cord injury, and muscle spasms or tremors.  No strain can replace medication without a doctor’s permission. However, Honey Badger Haze can provide an effective supplement to a pain and inflammation-reducing routine.

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Purchased honey badger today from my local dispensary it was really satisfying I was really happy with my purchase –Puffdaddyjesse54321

I’m a female with depression and this stuff makes me feel happy instantly! It’s the BEST STRAIN for anyone with depression and it has the best taste I have ever tasted ! Will only smoke the honey I’m a honey girl all day ! Makes me smile and eat and smoke some more I love it ! -Red19

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