The Best Tasting Weed is The Game Changer

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The Best Tasting Weed is The Game Changer

Weed is a very variable concept in almost all regards. For a person, it’s all about tastes and preferences and you can’t change their perception about even the highest-quality product. Some like their strains that have a fruity taste, some like their strains having 2 a piney taste, some like it with a gasoline-like taste; the list goes on and on.

What weed tastes the best?

With over a thousand varieties of weed out there in the market right now, flavor has become the paramount factor as a determinant of the quality of weed in the modern world. As such, we are going to compile a list of some of the best-tasting cannabis strains in the upcoming sections. Amongst all the strains that we shall discuss, in my personal opinion, the best tasting weed is the Game Changer.



Judging a particular variety of weed is not that big of a deal if you know your way around the smoking or vaping world and know your concepts well. You can approximate a rough guess as to whether your strain is good or not, either by tasting the raw cannabis flower, or even by the visual cues that exist, or by directly smoking it; hardcore weed lovers would surely be drooling over that last method though. Let us discuss all these methodologies one by one:


Tasting the raw cannabis flower to get an idea of its taste is not quite a widespread method used by people because of the fact that not many people even know or have heard of such a technique. You can tell that your strain sample is good if you pluck a bud from a healthy plant, chew it and witness the following shifts in the taste: it starts with a taste synonymous and similar to that of green plants with a smell that can be related to that of freshly mowed grass.  This is followed by a bitter taste which is finally followed by a spicy taste (mild to aggressive spiciness). Don’t think of using it as a source of pepper for your food in the future unless you don’t want your guests to reach home safely.  This method may not be known amongst the masses, but trust me, it’s one of the most trusted methods you can have up your sleeve for determining whether a certain sample of weed is worth smoking or not.


If chewing the flower does not seem too mainstream for you or appears to not be appealing, you can always judge your cannabis strains by examining it visually. You can rest assured that your strain is of good quality if you take a look at the flower and see that it is lime green in color, or in some cases a shade between purple to blue. At the same time, the hair on the same flowers should have a flaming orange or a yellow color. If you wish to be even more certain, then you may note the number of trichomes that the flower carries; a larger number of trichomes means better quality and vice versa.

However, observing a flower is a different art. A whole other ball game is determining if the whole plant (and subsequently the flower too) has been grown naturally or not. The weed flower should be the right amount of light and fluffy. A very hard flower means that chemicals and growth inhibitors were used for its cultivation and if it is too soft and brittle, then it means that the cultivation was done in deficiency of sunlight. If you know your way around weed plants, then you will get to know about the quality of the flower and thus that of the weed simply by holding the flower in the hand.


Coming to the favorite method of smokers- smoking. No better way to determine the quality of your strain correctly! Examining the taste of weed by smoking is somewhat very similar to judging the taste of beer: you need to burn your olfactory senses by allowing that strain to fill your mouth with smoke; next, you need to allow the smoke to drift in the mouth for some time and then exhale it in thick clouds. While exhaling it, you need to inhale the smoke through your nose. Once all the smelling receptors have burned out and you have no sense of what kind of smell is entering your nose, you need to examine the residual flavor in your mouth and the back of the throat. If the same appeases you, then the strain is the right fit for you and you can go on to continue smoking the same. If the taste does not feel good to you, then you know that you should not experiment. Again, this experiment rests on the fact that you are open to trying out new cannabis strains despite having a personal favorite.

cannabis strains


It is hard to say what would happen to you after trying out the following cannabis strains or how you would start behaving. Exercise caution while doing so because each of the following strain affects an individual differently. This list has just been drafted on the grounds of judging cannabis strains as per their taste. Try out the following only if you have smoked pot before and know how to handle the high and the aftereffects that come with it. These mentioned are in no particular order except for the first one (which I deem to be the best-tasting strain amongst the lot).

  • Game Changer

The strain lives up to every bit of its name; it is a complete game-changer in all parameters involving taste. The taste is a combination of a grape and a toned-down taste of citrus; granted it may not sound like much, but I can assure you that the actual taste is nothing compared to what you have previously experienced before and the seemingly awkward taste should by no means stop you from giving the Game Changer a go and believe me when I say, “You won’t be disappointed”. It is not just the taste that delights you, but also the ease and smoothness by which the whole smoke goes down into the lungs with no trichomes or any smoke residue getting in the way of it. Try it and be prepared to have your smoke game changed on its heels.

Granted the name is not that attractive and certainly is not the most inviting for one to come in and smoke a joint. Instead of smoking weed and getting high, the name is more suggestive of a little girl at your doorstep trying to raise money! But what if I told you that this long name of a strain is going to give you a taste of crisp mint with a touch of fresh pine hidden somewhere underneath? The best part of it, however, is not the taste, but the aftertaste: a sweet taste that just leaves the smoker wanting more (the sweet aftertaste is what gives the strain its name if you didn’t figure that out by now).

I don’t think I need to give you pointers or clues to guess the taste of this particular strain. The smell and taste of the Tangie is one of a kind and can be identified from miles away: a mix of orange and skunk that is accompanied by an abundance of ‘limonene’- the reason for the gratifying smell of citrus. Another thing that feels satisfying when you smoke the Tangie is the faint trace of white pepper and skunkiness – something that many people just love to have in their cannabis.

First of all, this is for those not quite familiar with the terms of weed smoking, Cheese is not the cheese that you love to have on your pizza or anything. The Cheese in discussion here is one of the most popular and beloved cannabis strains in the whole world. Formed by the crossbreeding of skunk, cheese, and some Afghani genetics, the Big Buddha Cheese has a really tasty flavor going on; a pleasing cheese flavor stemming from the rich taste buds that is enriched by the natural earthy and pungent tastes. The smoke emitted carries with it a taste that is worth devouring – a tangy and funky smell that is worthy of being termed as ‘pure nirvana’.

The taste of this particular strain is just worth dying over. The Blue Dream gives you a spicy taste accompanied by hints of pine, and this combination is followed by the sweetness of that of blueberries. It’s like someone gave you a bowl of chilies to devour with a box of sweets to help you out at the same time: easy and kind of heavenly. The taste, however weird it may sound, is something that you would be willing to pay any amount of money for just to have a go!


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  • Jacob volkers Reply

    Your Blue dream discription matches how I describe the essence describing what I remember ..known as … Northern lights

    May 15, 2020 at 2:21 am
  • Jacob volkers Reply

    Your Blue dream discription matches how I describe the essence what I remember ..known as … Northern lights

    May 15, 2020 at 2:24 am

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