CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil. What’s the difference?

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil. What's the difference?

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil. What’s the difference?

Searching for Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and coming across hemp oil is a common thing these days. However, many fail to understand the difference between the two and eventually get confused because they both come from the very same source. But from the chemistry and medical point of view, both have different compositions and different benefits when consumed in guarded portions. 

CBD oil and hemp oil are both extracted from the hemp plant which is more popularly known as the marijuana plants. The main difference between the two is that CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, stalks, and leaves and has a higher concentration of CBD in it, whereas hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the marijuana plant and has no concentration of CBD in it.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil. What’s the difference? 

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil. What's the difference?

About CBD oil

Marijuana has both recreational and medicinal benefits as some of the people tend to use them for both. Marijuana contains many compounds, but Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are its two most important components. THC is meant to make people high and is highly psychoactive. However, the CBD compound is not psychoactive and does not cause anyone a high feeling. But it also has some of the very advantageous health benefits.  

CBD oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the marijuana plant, and the THC is eliminated from it. It directly affects the endocannabinoid system of the nervous system and helps treat various disorders. It can be used in the following forms: edibles, topical creams, sprays, etc. for treating pain, seizures, vomiting, nausea, etc.


About hemp oil

Many tend to get confused between the hemp oil and CBD oil. Both are extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant, but from different parts. Hemp oil is extracted from the seed of the marijuana plant, and that is the reason why in many places, it can be labeled as hemp seed oil. It has no or very low concentrations of CBD which differentiate it from CBD oil.

However, it does contain large amounts of fatty acids, omega acids like omega 3s and omega 6s, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), amino acids, Alpha-galactosidase A (GLA), etc. These compounds are highly beneficial for the health of the user and thus hemp seed oil is usually regarded as a superfood. The user can get relief from pain, menopause side effects, (Premenstrual Syndrome)PMS effects, skin allergies, and disorders, etc. Simply cook food with hemp oil or apply it on the skin topically to make the skin look rejuvenated and young over time. 


Comparing hemp oil and CBD oil

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil both come from marijuana, but the basic difference between the two is derived from the CBD content in them. Both the hemp and CBD oil are effective in treating various health problems effectively. The CBD oil is derived from the flowers and leaves of the marijuana plant and is high in CBD content, but the hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the marijuana plant. CBD oil is treated as the sublingual oil and is highly effective in treating pain, seizures, cancer, nausea and vomiting, depression and anxiety, etc.

Though hemp oil may not be that powerful, it is counted as a super food that can be taken along with food to enhance the nutritional levels. Those who are looking for an effective alternative to medicinal weed can opt for CBD oil. For those who are looking for nutritional value and some mild benefits, they may choose hemp seed oil. 


Benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil has been used for ages now in one form or another as it has shown many health benefits for regular users. Some of the major health benefits of using CBD oil are:


  • Pain reduction

From since the very start of the CBD oil use, it has shown multiple positive effects in reducing spasms, inflammation, chronic pain, etc. Cannabidiol effectively stimulates the endocannabinoid system of the brain and binds with the receptors. This regulation handles the pain and stress center of the brain. Therefore, the CBD oil directly acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps in reducing the pain and inflammation. This is used for treating pain for arthritic patients, in cases of spasms and seizures and also in multiple sclerosis cases.


  • Lessening acne 

In some of the current findings in dermatological science, it has been proven that CBD oil can be effective in alleviating acne problems in both men and women. Acne is a pervasive problem among many, and causes can vary from person to person. These can be caused by excessive sebum secretion, genetics, bacterial infection, inflammation, oil secretion, etc. CBD oil can be effective in reducing sebum secretion. It can show antibacterial effects and can reduce inflammation by inactivation of inflammatory cytokines, thus causing the acne to reduce over time.


  • Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are both one of the most perilous mental disorders in the current scenario and can have destructive effects on one’s life. In recent studies, it is proven that CBD oils can regulate the effects of serotonin secretion in the brain, which in turn can elevate the mood and help lessen anxiety and stress. It is seen to help reduce anxiety and help make a person be more focused and motivated. CBD oil is also used for post-traumatic stress disorder in children by giving a calming effect at a lesser period of time.  


  • Decreases cancer-related troubles

The most dreaded parts of chemotherapy sessions are pain, nausea, and vomiting that follows suit. In many patients, pain medication does not work and even causes more bodily discomfort. In recent times, it is found that CBD oil is quite effective in lessening the nauseating effect of chemotherapy and also reduces pain and vomiting substantially. It also helps increase the cancer patient’s appetite aiding them to eat properly. In some latest research, it is also seen that CBD oil might have also contributed in breaking breast cancer cells.


  • Heart benefits

CBD oil has shown varying good effects in terms of the circulatory system and coronary systems of the body. One of the major problems suffered by many upon reaching a certain age is high blood pressure. High blood pressure can also lead to major problems like strokes and organ failure. CBD oil has shown positive results in decreasing blood pressure effectively by reducing the stress on the body. 


  • Neuroprotective in nature

In current neurological researches, it has been found that CBD oil is effective in making the brain more healthy and function better. The cannabidiol in the oil reacts with the endocannabinoid system of the brain and helps in protecting the neurons. Some of the research has shown some very promising effects in reducing spasms in cases of multiple sclerosis and seizures in epilepsy.


Benefits of hemp oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is devoid of CBD in it; therefore, it has shown varied positive effects on one’s health and mind. Other than showing some similar benefits like the CBD oil, it also has many other good aspects, like it contains omega 6s, omega 3s and PUFA’s which are highly beneficial for health. Some of the major benefits of hemp seed oil are discussed below:


  • Skin disorders

There are several kinds of skin disorders that one might face in their lifetime which can be hard to cure and prevent at times. It is seen that the omega acids found in the hemp seed oil are highly effective in treating certain skin related problems. It can treat problems like psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen planus, etc. The omega acids help in treating the skin and the underlying cause of the problem along with other skin treatments. 


  • Antibacterial effect

Hemp seed oil has been known for its antibacterial effects ever since its discovery. It has many good amino acids in it which can prevent bacterial infections and will also help in treating such infections. This oil is most effective in treating the infections of staphylococcus aureus, which is the main reason behind pneumonia, skin infection and valve infection, etc.


  • Inflammation

Hemp oil is rich in amino acids and fatty acids which are effective in treating the inflamed muscles and tissues by the active effect of the omega 3s. Therefore, it is effective in preventing heart and pulmonary diseases.  


  • Menopause and PMS

Hemp seed oil and the regulated production of prostaglandin E1 can alleviate the condition of premenstrual syndrome. It also reduces prolactin, which reduces the effects of PMS. The production of PGE1 is assisted by the gamma-linolenic acid that is found in the hemp seed oil.


Final words

The market for CBD oil and hemp oil is quite large these days as the need to treat certain health disorders is quite high. Pain medications can be addictive and can cause several negative side effects with chronic use. But hemp oil and CBD oil can facilitate treatment of health disorders without any adverse side effects. People simply need to choose between the two, depending on the intensity of the benefit that they want to acquire. 

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