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AAAA Popcorn – Cookie Dough

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Cookie Dough is a potent hybrid marijuana strain made from a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. This strain offers medical-grade sedation throughout the body and mind, although some consumers say it makes them feel speedy. Cookie Dough will give you the munchies while and dulling physical pain. This strain is best reserved for users with a high THC tolerance as the effects may be overwhelming to a novice.

Bud Size: Popcorn
Strain Type: Hybrid 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Mint | Orange | Skunky | Sweet
Medical Usage: ADD/ADHD | Anxiety | Bipolar | Disorder | Chronic Pain | Epilepsy | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite | PTSD | Stress
THC Content: 25% Highest

Purchase this item and get 94 Points - a worth of $4.70
Purchase this item and get 94 Points - a worth of $4.70


Buy AAAA Popcorn – Cookie Dough at Ganja West Online Dispensary Shop

AAAA Popcorn – Cookie Dough is another popular medicinal marijuana strain that is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. It has a pleasant appearance. Cookie Dough looks like mushy crystals with a yellowish and orange color. It has a wonderful aroma that is a mixture of minty and sweet odors. Cookie Dough has a lovely taste as well which is mainly sweet and justifies its name. You can also feel a hint of mint in its flavor. It has an incredibly high THC level of 25 percent. It’s CBD and CBN content ranges from zero to ten percent. The main effects of Cookie Dough are analgesic. It also serves as a neuroprotector and is an appetite stimulant as well. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for people who want to gain weight and increase their appetites. It is great for suppressing anxiety and stress, and works well whenever you are experiencing a strong bout of anxiety. Some cancer patients also rely on Cookie Dough for inhibiting the growth of their cancer. It is also effective at treating various types of chronic pains. It can also be employed for treating nausea and insomnia. Its side effects are mainly dryness in the eyes and mouth, and mild dizziness.

Why Popcorn?

Popcorn buds is always great for the price. Just because the size of the nugs aren’t as big doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. Popcorn nugs do not have the same appeal on the aesthetic level. Its still as potent as ever at a cheaper price. We at Ganja West strive to source our patients the best quality medicine at the most affordable prices. Usually these will be stemless as they are small so its a lot more convenient and easier to deal with.

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  1. dRichards

    Chronic smoker. Tried today and got high again. Was not the Popcorn and price was double but assume the same thing. It is worth the $ then and if same heck of bargain now,

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