Ganjawest – $100 QUADS GOODBYE 2020

$100/Oz AAAA Until End of 2020
Let’s end of 2020 with a bang.

Starting December 17th 2020 8AM PST, We will be launching an $100/oz on AAAA. We know that a lot of people within our community love our $100/oz drops so here’s our present to you guys. From now until the end of 2020, we will have $100/oz 4A until stock runs out. We want to give as many of you a chance to snag this deal especially with the holidays are coming.

Be sure to take advantage of these sales guys as we still have our grand prize of $10,000 to giveaway. You only need a minimum $250 order in order to get automatic entries.

Happy Holiday Guys! Pick up these deals and spoil yourself for the holidays 😉

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