Cannabis Derived Terpene – Pink Kush


Cannabis Derived Terpene – Pink Kush

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These are terpenes extracted from making concentrates such as diamonds or live resin. All of these terpenes available at Ganjawest are Cannabis Derived and are not synthetic terpenes.

You may use these together with concentrates, distillate or anything you wish to add flavor.

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Terpenes are organic compounds found in a variety of plants, and contribute to their flavor, scent and color. These substances are the building blocks for essential oils and plant resins, and are often used in food additives, perfumery and aromatherapy. Some are even thought to have medicinal properties, and to help in fighting bacteria, fungus and environmental stress. Plants like rosemary, mint or basil have a strong terpene profile, and this is why they’re referred to as aromatic plants. Vitamin A is also a terpene, although we don’t generally think of it this way. Conifers produce large amounts of these compounds, and most plants produce higher quantities of terpenes in the warmer seasons. Cannabis contains a wide range of terpenes that interact synergistically with the cannabinoids in the plant, and to enhance its health effects.
Most Common Terpenes Found In Cannabis

Alpha-pinene, is one of the most known terpenes in cannabis and is also found in sage and rosemary. It is known to act as a natural bronchodilator and expectorant and to help one focus better. It increases the mental energy and can even act as a topical antiseptic.

Myrcene is found in menthol, lemon grass and most varieties of marijuana, and is widely used in the perfumery industry. Just like the previously mentioned compounds, it has anti-microbial and anti-septic properties, and acts as a natural anti-depressant, anti-carcinogen and anti-inflammatory agent. It’s a relaxing substance and in cannabis-derived products, it increases the cell membrane permeability, allowing for higher amounts of THC to travel to the brain cells.

Limonene, another terpenes found in the cannabis strains, is also present in citrus fruits, juniper and peppermint, and has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-depressant effects. Moreover, it is suggested that this compound exerts anti-carcinogen properties, and is known to increase blood pressure.

Beta-caryophyllene is a common terpene found in the cannabis plant that is known to activate the CB2 receptor in the endocannabinoid system and to exert anti-inflammatory effects.

Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene alcohol chemical found in many flowers and spice plants with many commercial applications, the majority of which are based on its pleasant scent (floral, with a touch of spiciness).

Humulene naturally occurs in clove, basil, hops, and cannabis sativa. It carries a subtle earthy, woody aroma with spicy herbal notes you might recognize in some of your favorite strains. Though cannabis is commonly associated with appetite stimulation, humulene is actually known to suppress hunger.

Ocimene is an isomeric hydrocarbon found in a wide variety of fruits and plants. It is recognized by its sweet, fragrant, herbaceous, and woodsy aromas, which feature prominently in several perfumes, and which help plants defend themselves in their natural environment. Ocimene occurs naturally in botanicals as diverse as mint, parsley, pepper, basil, mangoes, orchids, kumquats, and of course cannabis.

Terpinolene plays a key role in defining the taste and smell of many cannabis strains. Terpinolene’s aroma is more multidimensional than some other cannabis terpenes. Linalool smells like flowers. Limonene smells like citrus. Pinene? It smells like—surprise!—pine. Terpinolene, though, carries an array of smells you might find in cannabis: It’s piney, floral, herbaceous, and even a little citrusy. One word that comes up often when describing terpinolene’s taste and smell: fresh. It’s part of the reason terpinolene shows up as an additive in soaps and perfumes. Like most terpenes, terpinolene isn’t unique to cannabis. It also shows up in lilacs, tea tree, nutmeg, cumin, and apples.

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    I mixed 2g of this pink kush with 7g CBD powder and it makes a beautiful paste for great tasting pain relieve dabs with out the burn out.

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